ATC Part Number:  LA13740P01DBFBK
 Attenuation:  1.0 dB
 Frequency Sensitivity:  0.20 dB Max
 Max Deviation from Nominal:  +0.45 / -0.15 dB
 VSWR:  1.55:1 Max
 To select a attenuator, choose the style and attenuation that meets your
 requirements. The part number and drawing will be updated as new
 choices are made.
 Select Attenuator Style:
  LA1 - High Power Leaded Chip Attenuators
  FA1 - High Power Flange Mount Attenuators
  AT Series 0603 - RF/Microwave Attenuators
 Select Attenuation Value:
  1 dB
  2 dB
  3 dB
  6 dB
  9 dB
  10 dB
  17 dB
  20 dB
  30 dB
 General Specifications
 Frequency Range: DC to 3 GHz  Resistive Elements: Tantalum Nitride
 Input Power: 150 Watts  Substrate Material: Aluminum Nitride
 Attenuation Stability: 0.0001 dB/dB/C Max  Tabs: 99.99% Pure Silver, 4 mil thick
 Operating Temp: -55C to 150C  Cover: Alumina
 Reliability: MIL-PRF-55342   ROHS Compliant

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